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University of Cambridge
Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study


Breaking Rules Book Cover

Wikström, P-O H., Oberwittler, D., Treiber, K. and Hardie, B. (2012) Breaking rules: The social and situational dynamics of young people's urban crime. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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PADS+ researchers are beginning to hit their stride in terms of publications, with research findings slowly mounting following the completion of the latest data wave. Researchers and collaborators have already given a number of conference papers at key criminological meetings, such as those of the American, European and British Societies of Criminology. A number of publications dedicated to the Situational Action Theory, PADS+ theoretical framework, are already available, several papers on research findings have already hit the shelves, and a number of empirical papers are currently in the works (see below!).

Publication Highlights

See information of our latest publications on our news page, or browse books, chapters and journal articles already available by author, title, year or topic!

Two books related to PADS+ research and theory are already available! These are:

Explanation of CrimeThis edited volume by Wikstrom and Sampson (2006), published by Cambridge University Press, followed the first annual conference of the ESRC Priority Research Network for the study of Social Contexts of Pathways in Crime (SCoPiC). PADS+ was one of three longitudinal studies incorporated in this Network and the first conference saw the dissemination of knowledge related to the development of the theories which support PADS+ research. These ideas are collated in this volume. Click here to read reviews, or here to purchase your own copy!

For paperback copies, click
. For US purchases, click here.


Adolescent Crime


This book by Wikstrom and Butterworth (Willan, 2006) presents findings from the Peterborough Youth Study, a cross-sectional study undertaken in 2001 which served as a pilot study for PADS+ and which tested many of its methodologies. Click here to purchase your own copy!

For paperback copies, click here.




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